Matt Zito and the Pizza bet …

So the bet went as follows As soon as i won an ABA National Matt Zito GHP Team MAnger would eat a whole large Pizza.

So Matt being an Honorable guy stepped up after I won on Saturday in the 36+ Expert class .

That is the 1st place trophy next to Matt.

Yummy half way thru it and a nice gulp of Coke.

3/4 of the way thru check the look of fullness on his face.HAHA

Ohh yes he did! One whole large greasy pizza down the pipe and one of many 1st place trophies for me from a National. You should have seen him the next day , he was not a very happy camper and it looked like he was 5 months pregnant haha , haha thaks for being a great sport Matt.

2 Responses to “Matt Zito and the Pizza bet …”

  1. I am just stoked to be on the same page as hacksaws man friend Mike Day. Watching Hacksaw win, as well as the success the GHP team is having was worth every bite of the Pizza. I don’t think that I will ever make that bet again, but there will be plenty of others, maybe something with Trevor in Utah. Congradulations and lets keep the ball rolling, kinda like the PP deal.

  2. Paul Girard Says:

    So…what happens if Jim loses??

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