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teamhacksaw , “street”

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ctep03 by teamhacksaw
ctep03, a photo by teamhacksaw on Flickr.
 here is a quickie of me doing a fakie wall ride in a ditch somewhere in the world. Yup that is a 20″ Solid “Thunderbird” just for the record. I have a ton of stuff to update here and a bunch of other crap also. keep checkin’ back  to see whats new.

Pumpkin Escobar Local 305

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Pumpkin Escobar

Pumpkin Escobar

Pumpkin Escobar appears in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back , as to wich I have deemed the best movie of all time at the dirt jumps . Speaking of which all kinds of new lines are popping up and the old ones are getting revamped . If you show up bring shovels , rakes , brooms etc ….

Jason I hope this helps in the update department for

Helmet Cam , Bighorn BMX

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So I did this helmet cam before Truckee and it was a total crap shoot if it would even work. It is pretty cool but hacksaawhwlmetcam 2.0 is way hella cooler.

More Pump track Fever “hellyeah”

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Me and the infamous Rocker Dave riding another fine pump track in Portland Oregon.

Matt Zito and the Pizza bet …

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So the bet went as follows As soon as i won an ABA National Matt Zito GHP Team MAnger would eat a whole large Pizza. Continue reading

Mike Day Wins the USA Qualifier for 2008 Olympics

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So this is what it looks like at the top of the Olympic starting gate for BMX this guy pictured is Mike Day probably the best BMX rider on Earth as I write this Continue reading

BMX Olympic Qualifier on MSNBC This Weekend

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First things first Congrats go out to Kyle Bennett the 1st BMX Olympian and to Jill Kitner our Womens representitive. Now for the good stuff , Bubba Harris , Steven Cisar , Tyler Brown , Donny Robinson , Mike Day , Kris Fox , David Herman and Danny Calaug will all race 5 different moto’s to determine who gets the 2nd slot on the team . And then the cocaches and others invovled will pick a “favorite” for the third slot plus a alternate just in case. All I know is this if you don’t like BMX you should start now because once our Woman and our 3 Guys go to China and whoop ass on the rest of the world It is going to be huge. Check it out this weekend on MSNBC …GO USA,USA,USA

Caufield and the flip attempts

Posted in bicycles, Events, Riders, Rides on May 24, 2008 by Jim Severt

This was the first attempt

Continue reading

Eugene ,Oregon Emerald Valley Indoor BMX

Posted in bicycles, Bikes, bmx, Events, Stuff and Stuff on November 18, 2007 by Jim Severt

Here it is .The  Emerald Valley Indoor BMX facility  Continue reading

Dirty Booger wall transfer

Posted in Events, Riders on September 24, 2007 by Jim Severt

A little transfer that I did at dirty booger thanks to Justin Inman.