Mike Day Wins the USA Qualifier for 2008 Olympics

So this is what it looks like at the top of the Olympic starting gate for BMX this guy pictured is Mike Day probably the best BMX rider on Earth as I write this , over the weekend Mike raced 6 other racers for a spot on the Olympic BMX team for Bejiing this summer and when the dust setteled at the end of the day Mike had won the Time Trial , Moto’s 1 and 3 and placed in 2nd on the 2nd moto giving him an overwhelming points lead and handing him the 2nd slot on the Olympic team , He joins Kyle Bennett and Jill Kitner as our other Olympic shredders and Arielle Martin (women’s alternate) 2 more Men will be named 1 will be a coaches pick for the third and final slot on the Olympic team and the other will be an alternate. There is a the video clip at http://www.go211.com/videos/6467 check it…Congrats to Mike and everyone who had the chance to race this race.

One Response to “Mike Day Wins the USA Qualifier for 2008 Olympics”

  1. Paul Girard Says:

    SICK! What gearing do the use, cuz they are fuh-lyin!!!

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