BMX Olympic Qualifier on MSNBC This Weekend

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First things first Congrats go out to Kyle Bennett the 1st BMX Olympian and to Jill Kitner our Womens representitive. Now for the good stuff , Bubba Harris , Steven Cisar , Tyler Brown , Donny Robinson , Mike Day , Kris Fox , David Herman and Danny Calaug will all race 5 different moto’s to determine who gets the 2nd slot on the team . And then the cocaches and others invovled will pick a “favorite” for the third slot plus a alternate just in case. All I know is this if you don’t like BMX you should start now because once our Woman and our 3 Guys go to China and whoop ass on the rest of the world It is going to be huge. Check it out this weekend on MSNBC …GO USA,USA,USA

Caufield and the flip attempts

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This was the first attempt

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Atomlab Trail King SS

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Well here it is the Trail King SS Atomlabs cromoly full suspension Freeride bike. Continue reading

Here is a few for you.

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You ever just look at a picture and it makes you feel a different way? These two pictures do that to me both are from trips I went on recently one to Phoenix the other to Slo Cal. Different photos for sure but alot of similarities


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I always did like god. I knew he was a Slayer fan.

God wants to ride dirt jumps and help dig also..

Eugene ,Oregon Emerald Valley Indoor BMX

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Here it is .The  Emerald Valley Indoor BMX facility  Continue reading

Sick Of It All “Hacksaw’s all time favorite”

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It’s a boring Wednesday night and well while I was sititng here at my computer I figured I would put my favorite band ever on my site .Sick of it All from NYC these guys are such awesome people if you watch this interview with Lou and watch the show clips you will see what I am saying .their main objective is to have fun.From Hacksaw to all of the guys in Sick of it All…..Thanks

A little whip shot

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A little 2six whip for you courtesy of glen Seelenbrandt behind the lens and Hacksaw whipping.

12,360 Text Messages Christian McNutt “I am going for 6 digits”

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You may recognize Christian McNutt He was one of the best Trials riders to ever grace a bike he was on the Jr worlds team for the USA and generally he killed it on a bike,after an injury Christian had to more or less hang up the bike and take up a new career which is being one of the most sought after hair stylists in the world and he posses another quality which can rival any one teeny bopper in the world………….In the month of Septemper Chris here set a record for text messaging , 12360 that roughly works out to be 412 a day 17 and hour.. Chris is motivated by the hundreds of hot chicks that frequent his salon and like any good looking guy hair stylists he “clocks dem digi’s” so he has plenty of Ladies to text . Christian’s goal 100,000 in a month ,he has the motivation and every person should set goals ,Christian’s set his and is already on his way to achieving it..


Rocker Dave kills the dirt spine

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Umm yup! Rocker owns the dirt spine at dirty Booger.