Cam Zink’s freeride line at the trails.

See the pile of dirt behind Cam Zink well Me and Him built a Step down drop kinda thing today it is probably a 10 foot drop and around 27 -30 feet gap with a soon to be 6 foot dirt quarter at the bottom of the whole thing

This is the new berm that leads you to the lip if you look in the distance you can see the lip staring at you

this is the lip if you look beyond it down below you can see what will be the 6 foot dirt quarter .

Cam was in search of something that he could practice flips off of that was a step down so we brain stormed and got this beauty for everyone’s enjoyment.



4 Responses to “Cam Zink’s freeride line at the trails.”

  1. Paul Girard Says:

    Does this mean Cam Zink is living in NV?

  2. why yes … yes it does

  3. DAMN!i wish someone would of told me that Zink was out there…ha looks hella sick!

  4. Did you build that with shovels or with an excavator ?

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