Northen Nevada BMX History

The picture above has a lot of history behind it.The guy on the Left is Tito Sanchez , the middle man is “Spanker” Scott Simmons and the guy on the right is me ‘Hacksaw” Jim Severt, here is a little story about the 3 of us. I met Tito in or around 1986 Tito was this kid (like me ) who was into BMX he raced and rode street and jumps here and there. We rode with a whole group of kids at the time Myself , Mike Favorite , Derek , The plaid meruaders there was a whole crew , Tito always stood out because he was always riding a bike and it seemed like and the kid could bunny hop like no other human . No matter what Tito was down to ride ( unless mom said otherwise) throughtout the years I have got to see Tito grow up we have learned a lot from one another , when Tito came around and throughout the years I have always figured that he was the most naturally talented rider to this day and was the one that pushed me to progress.

Scotty “Spanker” came along in the early to mid nineties along with brother Jess ,was another one of these “new kids” that were throughly amazing he brought in these new skills that were amazing especially for a kid who was new to BMX racing I would always watch him race and got a kick out of him and his enthusiasm torward his bike and BMX. I remember taking Sott to races and we would have so much fun he always was there for support for everyone that raced and I always had fun with him rather we were driving for 8 hours or hanging out at the Dirt Jumps we always had fun .

I believe that Tito and Scott along with myself changed the way BMX is in Northern Nevada and I see it today when I ride . Me and Tito did night “street” missions before it was coined the cool thing to do learning wall rides by ourselves , not knowing the 1st thing about them , or fakies and grinds  , Scott and me and Tito at the trails was always a good time also, I remember some Carson kids once saying that they would build jumps and not ride them until the three of us would show up and hit them and if they knew we were comming down to ride they would call thier friends because we were the “pro’s” .

All in all thru our up’s and downs these two have been my friends , and I sure am glad that we together changed and steped up the game here in Northern Nevada and we have not even really got started for our world domination .

So to those two kids in the picture with me I say thanks for keeping me on my toes and making me progress over the last 23 years you guy’s are like brothers to me.


7 Responses to “Northen Nevada BMX History”

  1. ahahahah Carson kids…. gee i wonder who they are

  2. damnnn i remember when i first started racing Steve Hill and Spanker did a clinic when i was like 9 or 10 and i thought they were like the fast people on the plant all three of you guys still my favorite riders LoL

  3. Doug White Says:

    Some of my favorite riders, too! And big influences on me and my riding as well. I miss Tito’s crazy-ass yard trails – that shit was hardcore. I need to ride Bermuda and these Hacksaw trails though, from what I’ve heard.
    Those Carson trails did always seem huge and empty whenever I went down there with Scotty and/or Lars, haha. Grande Tool FTW.
    baruka ❤

  4. Washed up Says:

    i didn’t know Tito to well but Jim and Scott are two guys i looked up to when i was younger. I miss the 2nd street days even the trails behind my house in stead, hell even pyramid trials were a good times. I miss those days, now i cant even ride at all.

    Thanks guys!

  5. That’s sweet website

  6. Adam Stokes Says:

    Three great people and inspirations in my BMX career! I still look back and think about the good old days of meeting at the Sun Valley BMX track bright and early in the morning. It was abandoned and free for us all to ride everyday. From the whoopty Table to the double out of the pit on the back straight that Frog Man Joe used to Nac Nac with his purple bike! I remember Jims first time pulling a Bar Spin off the step up on the side of the starting hill, and my first time jumping the Whoopty on a 16in bike for $10 bucks that Jim Paid me. Such good memories! One time I jumped the triple on the last straight, slipped the pedal on Jim’s bike and gashed a big ass hole into my shin. Jim you took me home and stitched me up then said “Great job on going for it kid!” I always respected you and appreciated the guidance all three of you guys gave me. Hopefully one day we can get all the boys together and just ride! All day long like the good old days! Stay up boys and know we made memories that will last 10 lifetimes.

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