Helmet cam at the trails


Sometimes you get bored and start to explore new things you can do with the resourceses you have in front of you . This helmet cam is an old helmet , a cap to a 1 gallon water bottle , and the camera screw from a cheap tripod put all three together and you get loads of fun.

4 Responses to “Helmet cam at the trails”

  1. why do you make it look so easy?

  2. Paul Girard Says:

    Awesome vid. You (or someone) needs to do a follow the leader to get the full depth of that line. Sweet.

  3. Glen Seelenbrandt Says:

    Why did I never get all the way through this line? It looks so easy. Papa Bear..over and out.

  4. Cole Proctor Says:

    Sick it looks way to easy how do you do it i love the jumps

    cole proctor

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