Eugene ,Oregon Emerald Valley Indoor BMX

Here it is .The  Emerald Valley Indoor BMX facility 

So you can kind of get a good idea of the track by my most excellent photography.Anyway the tracki s fun the racing is good and the people are really awesome, I have even had classes on Cruiser and Twenty ,hey are on an average of around 22 moto’s and it only seems to get better each week. If you want more info on this go to or search it thru , if you are new to BMX and live in the North West this track is a good one to start on.

Super layout and a whole lot of fun….

Looking down the first straight (butterflies time)


4 Responses to “Eugene ,Oregon Emerald Valley Indoor BMX”

  1. Oh man thats so cool! Looks like a national track! I`m thinking road trip!

  2. Adam : spectators are free, it only costs to race.

  3. Foyer Mayall III Says:

    Last weekend for Easter series racing Indoors.
    Come out for EV BMX

  4. hey how much does it cost and can you just go and practice not race

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