Drop In random stuff.

Drop In on Rip.TV is in town filming for the new season

Cam McCaul likes to read biographies about rock stars in the middle of parking lots like the above picture..

Anyway The bus has the likes of Cam McCaul A.t A rev And Ross McMaster . last night we went and rode the big wall in the city of Portland everything was fun and games until Ross tried to put a hole in the Earth with his head..This is Ross and Me after the carnage

remember always wear your helmet ..If Ross didn’t have his on it would have been curtains for him…

The Bus and the tow vehicle are packed to the hilt with People , Bikes ,Porn, and what ever else can get shoved in .

lastly Cory is the fearless leader of this Motely Crew just know that even for a group that has no Plan well he has a hell of a plan .If they come thru your town offer these guy’s a drink and take them to ride the spots ,I garuentee it will be fun…

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