The lack of updatage (or sumptin’ like that)

In case you didn’t know I moved to the PDX (Portland Oregon) and I have been HELLA busy with everything so here are some photog’s for all ya’ll

I went to whistler and rode alot. We went to some dirt jumps in whistler and the locals were fucking ass holes excuse my language but if you are a bmx guy from whistler and you ever show up at a place i am riding just turn around ..Or it will get ugly..

This was Blades new ride, this thing was sweet …….Until he got back to Reno and then while he was trying to make something out of the Northstar Livewire line someone ran it over with a Mule ATV.. The kicker is the stupid mechanic guy at N* giving Nate a price quote..Half the stuff he did not even know what it was and the kicker is this dip sh#t writing down 40 bucks for a brand new XO Sram derilurer .Nice going Mr. Professional Bike Mechanic maybe you should stick to golf.. Nate i miss your bike…

This whole time the west coast has been on fire. My condolences go out to my friends that lost their homes in the South Lake Tahoe Fire. Just be careful if you are in the forests this summer..

I love Volcanos and here is a picture of Mt. Lassen they are all so Majestic and beautiful and so powerful and intimidating all at once I will post more pic’s of different one’s as I get them

this picture is from the Wham Bam event in Bend Oregon Me and Nic (white shirt) won best overall photo and 500 bones plus I got a new Tattoo from a bench falling out from under me good times for sure the guy on the bed is the one and only Mike Flarety from Atomlab he pretty much rules….

This last pic is of Blades if he looks tired it is because me and him traveled for about 2 weeks straight from place to place riding in some amazing places it was a good time for sure if you see him or any of the guys actually digging up at Northstar slap’em a high five ,Don’t blame the size or set up of jumps on them either their boss is a retard and dosen’t even know how to ride a bike let alone manage a MTB park…

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