TEVA Weekend (Better late than never)

Allrighty, Wow what a fun freekin’ weekend to say the least….

First I want to give a huge shout to Lenosky and Ebbett for course design and making things run smoove. Next a shout to Lenosky and Andrew Taylor for killing it ,Lenosky won Speed Trials and A-Tat won the Slope-a-Dope style event .Next I gotta shout to everyone who showed up for the event it was awesome to see everyone and good to meet new people or get aquainted with familar faces for the first time.With that being said here are some highlights .

-Me and Ross McMasters races in the round of 16 were seriously fun I beat him but by about .00001 or something like that then I almost killed myself in the wave in the round of 8 aginst Jamie Goldman woohoo that was scary Jamie went on to get 3rd while I watched top four went like this Lenosky beat Strait , Goldman beat George Ryan for 3rd.

-Breaking mirrors is funjust ask Glen Plake , along with his Camera guy from RSN Plake and I threw rocks , boulders , 3/4″ nuts washers and small children at the mirror in the building they were tearing down across form the speed trials event.I finally got it done with a rock from Dylan Korba (thanks Dylan)

-Team Dinosaur was in full effect Ryan Howard,Kyle Jamison,Alex Reveles,Andrew Taylor,and the newest member Joe Perrizo all killed it and the boys brought Donkey Balls so we could all be entertained what a great game also I still owe Kyle 10 bucks for the t-shirt, which i will proudly wear around T-Sage.Thanks for letting me represent team dino colors .

-The days are really fun but the nights make it funner.Especially with everybodys favorite Booze.Yup! the Vail economy is a bit stronger from the Mountian Bike riders and we are all happier for that also .

-OK the ladies showed up in Vail and completely killed it Emily Johnston , Lisa and Tammy all rode the Slopestyle course and slayed it on more than a few ocasions did I witness no handers, supermans,tables,x-ups and a ton of other tricks from these three the highlight was when I towed in both Lisa and Emily to the Jump on/off it was pretty big and they did it with ease, then to see them get Tammy to do it the next day was awesome congrat’s ladies you all won in my book.

-Slopestyle was really good ,I want to say this to everyone who reads this ,i wanted to ride the comp pretty bad, but I could not sit there and with a clear conscious and watch you guys and Girl kill it and have someone ruin what everyone was doing by call tricks catwalks and twirly birds so I grabed the mic, Thanks for letting me announce it was fun to watch.Highlights ohh there were tons of em’ Carter Holland 1st time flipping onto something , Yellow’s runs (all of them) Joe Perrizo flipping and 3ing everything,A-Rev’s No foot cans,Goldman’s 3 whip and t-whip up to the deck,Andrew Taylors runs, Ryan Howard’s flip,Strait’s whips etc.etc….Man it was off the hizzy.

All in all an awesome event every one had a blast for sure. Thanks to everybody for everything .See you next year………..


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  1. kj/team dino Says:

    hacksaws a pimp.! your defenitly a dino.

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