The Captian Interview i.e who is Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is of all things an individual. That is not a very common word to describe people these days. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Everytime I see Ryan he has a smile and always has something nice to say. When he rides that too speaks volumes above the rest with a smooth flowing style and doing things his way, which is the only way The Captian knows how.

> Name:ryan brown
> Nickname:captin
> How did you get it?:ken or jason one day gave it to me at burgess… cause aparently i used to ” make it happen” like captain crunch dawg
> Age and Sign :old. scorpio, and i hate walks on the beach
> 1: What percentage of your wardrobe is BMX related? i just counted. 32%
> 2:Who are you hero? hero’s? oh man good question. like my myspace my heros are always changing
> 3:What’s in your pocket’s right now? nothing; im wearing gym shorts son!
> 4:What is your favorite BMX Video and Favorite Part? bmx video??? ha i’ve never seen RAD!
> 5:When you are not riding what do you do? work,and dream about girls
> 6:How do you feel about the contest scene?it’s completely nuts. like seeing what people do on little kids bikes… it’s mind blowing

7:How do you feel about the local riding scene? famous quote “i wish we could all just get along”
> 8:You are stranded on an island , what 3 things do you have with you? well assuming that by stranded you mean i will never be rescued… hella babes duh!!
> 9:Favorite Movie ? not appropriate
> 10:Why do so many kids try to copy your style? (Smooth flowing): HA deffinately not my style. lol
> 11: How do you feel about those afore mentioned kids? no answer lol

> 12:Who do you see as the most progressing rider in these parts?

> 13: What would it take for you to quit riding? i would have to be physically unable to ride. i will never quit. even if its just going cruising down the road bunnyhopping curbs. my bike is the best thing that has ever happened to me. it’s injured me in the past and will send me back to the hospital in the future, but i can honestly say my bike has never let me down. it has allowed me to make friends that i will never forget. It allows me to look at all my surrounding in a way the 99% of people in the world could never understand. it’s self confidence and a sense of self worth that nothing so far in my life has.

> 14:Ever race BMX ? i wish… but sadly no

> 15:Let’s talk about Myspace for a moment, how is it you are like the supreme

> guru of Myspace? well it all started when TOM and i were chillen in starbucks… and we wondered how could WE change the world…. the rest as they say is history
> 16:What is the next style or trend for BMX? no paint… man sratches are wack lol.

> 17:It’s Saturday afternoon which do you perfer ? Dirt,Street,Indoor

> Park,Outdoor Park, Myspace,? well naturally i would be at the indoor skatepark, wishing i was at burgess cause it is too hot inside, myspaceing on nates computer, and watching videos of chase hawk riding trails.
> 18:When is the last time you patched a tube?man my tubes used to have so many patches.. i last patched a tube like 4 months ago!
> 19:In one sentence describe an ideal day for you? i gotta say it’s a good day when i don’t have to use my AK

> 20:What would you like to see happen in the next year as far as new products

> and local scene stuff?well i plan to learn to hardocre dance so i can kill people in the pit. learn to play air guitar. new products ehh… i would really be into like crazy machined parts.

> Shout out’s high fives and anything else you want to say?

> to you and everyone else that deals with me being an ass whenever im on my bike or not on my bike thanks. i dunno everyone.. but i really mean it. and especially the people that ask me why i ride so much. you will never understand.

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