Cinci John front wheel test.

John is the kinda guy who out of the blue will amaze you. I did this drop on my Double , the landing had alot of hiding rocks under the sluff on top. Cinci John riding a Specialized Enduro with an xc wheelset takes a look at it and decides to go fo it. Straight out the gate John rides up and drops it probably a good 6 footer once all is said and done .His front tire went pop but John rode’er home with a successful landing .props to John for stepping up his game …

P.S John is one of the two O.G BBT Friday’s participants

One Response to “Cinci John front wheel test.”

  1. Ian The Fat Christ Says:

    Man I hate Jon.
    And I hate Saw.
    I hate all of you.

    good lines with actual pitch. I get 800′ DH runs. You guys can suck a fuck.

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