Yeah I’m back

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ctep03 by teamhacksaw
ctep03, a photo by teamhacksaw on Flickr.
I am back and ready to start doing again . here is a quickie of me doing a fakie wall ride in a ditch somewhere in the world. Yup that is a 20″ Solid “Thunderbird” just for the record. I have a ton of stuff to update here and a bunch of other crap also. keep checkin’ backĀ  to see whats new.

CPR done the correct way

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Peanut ‘spine flip to t-whip”

Posted in bicycles, Bikes, bmx, Riders, Stuff and Stuff on May 9, 2010 by teamhacksaw

Video from last year when me an Peanut went to Oregon and Washington for our birthday stuff .

Hacksaw’s ride thru the DJ line

Posted in bicycles, bmx, Riders on February 20, 2010 by teamhacksaw

After almost killing myself the 2 time before I finally nail it . WoW those jumps are big and fun..

Morgan “Darkness” Peckenham

Posted in Bikes, freeride, mountain bike, Riders on February 20, 2010 by teamhacksaw

Uhhh oh yeah . Mogey shredding it at four deuce. You wish you were as rad as Mogey

Peanut at Dirty Booger

Posted in bicycles, bmx, Riders, Rides, Stuff and Stuff on September 13, 2009 by teamhacksaw

Peanut with a flip to a tailwhip @ Dirty Booger.

Cam Zink’s freeride line at the trails.

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See the pile of dirt behind Cam Zink well Me and Him built a Step down drop kinda thing today it is probably a 10 foot drop and around 27 -30 feet gap with a soon to be 6 foot dirt quarter at the bottom of the whole thing

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